Halton Autistic Family Support Group (HAFS)


Ciaran Shanahan

Development Manager & Company Secretary

HAFS (Halton Autistic Family Support Group) Limited

Registered Charity Number 1111713

HAFS (Halton Autistic Family Support Group) Limited

9-11 High Street




Helpline 01928 711 412

Shop Only 07913 576382

Mobile 07918 056 576

Email contact@hafs.org.uk

Out of Business Hours

01928 711 412 or 07918 056 576

Welcome to our site

HAFS provides services to the whole

family unit of families in Halton who

have a child or young adult with a

condition within the broad range of ASD

(Autistic Spectrum Disorders). HAFS is

unique in this respect as most support

groups either cater for the affected person

or parents.

One of the first things you’ll notice

at our meetings is the friendly and

caring atmosphere. You are NOT alone


See our HAFS Family Centre Page here